Designed for balance



The YinYang 58 Golf Club is the club you need to change your game.


There's an element of beauty in a game that transcends generations without much change. For YinYang Golf, the beauty is that you don't need to be a professional to love and enjoy the game. For many, golf is a passion, an unbridled willingness to meet ones expectations of ability both mentally and physically.  


At YinYang Golf our desire is to make the game more enjoyable through experiencing better results playing the game we all love.


We believe continuity is one of the key elements to enjoying the game. Through years of coaching and watching golfers struggle from the sand, we have developed a product inspired by every day golfers that will transform your game. Our unique grinding system encourages greater continuity allowing you to swing your YY58 as you would a 7-iron or Driver for ultimate control around the greens and out of the sand.


Yin Yang Golf Designed by coaches for the people


Transform your game today.